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Binghamton Grandmothers Attend Virtual Wedding

By Brianna Case.
Two residents of UHS Senior Living attended their grandchildren's wedding Saturday without actually going to wedding in person.

Stella and Ginger, the two Binghamton residents, watched the wedding from the comfort at their home through a online streaming service called Oovoo.

Oovoo allowed the Grandmothers to not only watch the wedding live, but also communicate with their family members at the wedding in Vermont.

"It's nice. We have a large family, so I wasn't able to travel to Vermont, so it was nice to be able to watch from here and be with the family and be a part of it," said Rae Palmer'Jones, friend of Bride.

Stella's grandson married Ginger's granddaughter. This was the first virtual wedding, for both of the grandmothers.