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Local Author's Novel Honors Firefighters

A local man says his experience on 9/11 inspired him to write a novel honoring firefighters.

Edward Zarzycki, of Apalachin, was working for the New York City Transit Authority on September 11, 2001. Zarzyski was struck by the bravery of the firefighters who braved the chaos, and rushed to the rescue.

His book, 'A Fireman's Dream', tells the store of a firefighter who finds love while balancing the dangers of the job. The author says he hopes the novel will help people understand the realities firefighters face.

"So that people could really realize, the dangers these men and women go through. At a moment's notice, they never know what could happen," author Everett Zarzycki said. "They could be in a building feeling safe, and all the sudden the floor gives way and they're gone. So I wrote the book, and dedicated it to them."

The book is dedicated to the 343 firefighters who died that day. It's available for purchase at Amazon.com.