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Two Binghamton Women Arrested in Narcotics Raid, More on Johnson City Shooting

By Fox 40 Staff.
A shooting Thursday afternoon in Johnson City led to the detainment of three people in Binghamton.

"I was in the house doing dishes and my 19-year-old son came in and said there was a bunch of cops down the street and I came out and walked down to see what was going on because there's never really any crimes around here like that," said Tammy Purdy of Johnson City.

"It's usually pretty quiet and safe."

According to Johnson City Police the shooting happened just before 2:00 at 224 Corliss Avenue.

Police say a black male suffered a non-fatal bullet wound in the back.

After the shooting, three suspects fled the scene in a car and were later detained on Mather Street in Binghamton.

Neighbors said believe drugs were being sold from the house where it occurred.

"We don't want it in the neighborhood," said Susan Taylor of Johnson City.

"We want it to stop. They have to do something. We have to think about out kids and grandkids in this whole situation,"."

Meanwhile, around 5:15 this evening, Binghamton Police and Broome County Detectives made arrests at 174 Murray Street in Binghamton.

Two women were taken into custody accused of narcotics possession.

Detectives said they had received several leads on the case from concerned residents.

Even the district's councilman showed his concern.

Giovanni Scaringi has been a leader in pushing new legislation that would mandate criminal background checks to buy or rent property in the city in order to prevent drugs from entering homes.

"This is a great, classic example of why we need this legislation passed," he said.

"This particular property here has been not just an eyesore, but a criminal property for years. Putting landlords in the position where they're required to actually find out what the level of criminal activity in the past of these tenants is going to allow us to decrease these harmful situations over time."