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City of Binghamton Raises Greek Flag At City Hall

By Faith Jessie.
Members of Binghamton's Greek community joined Mayor Rich David in front of City Hall on Thursday to raise the Greek flag in honor of Greece's Independence Day.

Mayor David presented a proclamation to Councilman Chris Papastrat declaring March 25th, 2016 as Binghamton Greek Independence Day.

One member of Binghamton's Greek community said he was happy to live in a place where he can have peace and not war.

"I grew up in a war and I don't want any wars, I want peace. No matter what color, what nationality, or what religions, I hope to God that we will all live together like one family," said Louis Diamantakos, Binghamton Resident.

The War of Greek Independence began on March 25,1821. Friday marks the 195th year that Greece began its battle to become independent from Turkish rule.