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$1 Million to Create Agriculture Center in Binghamton

By Jason Weinstein.
The Cornell Cooperative Extension in Binghamton is getting $1 million in funding from the state for a project that could help make our area an agricultural hub.

The money will go to renovate the old Cutler House on the Upper Front Street campus. The building will become an agriculture center complete with a Taste of New York store, kitchen, and classroom space. The goal is to help growers bring their products to market, and educate the next generation of farmers.

"We'll help get things bottled, jarred, and packaged whether you're a business or a farmer. And we'll get that to market. For students it means an open door to food systems. 57 is the (average) age of our farmers and we need new ag practitioners," said Victoria Giarratano, Executive Director of the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County.

The New Agricultural Center is expected to be open by the end of November. The year-round regional farmers market, also on the campus of the Cornell Cooperative Extension, is expected to open this July.