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Area Residents Line Up For Voter Registration with Deadline Approaching

The deadline in Broome County for registration to vote in the New York Primaries is Friday.

The county's Board of Elections has registered 3,155 new voters since January 1 of this year. Tioga County reports 547 new voters and Chenango County reports 538. This year's race has captured a lot of media attention and kept Board of Election workers busy.

Karen Davis of Broome County Board of Election says, "The phones are ringing off the hook with people calling to find out how they can get registered. And, when we tell them it's tomorrow, there all going 'Oh my God, I gotta get there by tomorrow.' When it's a presidential year, the registration always goes up. Like I said, people have more interest in making sure they are registered for these elections more than local elections unfortunately."

If you are in Broome County and would like more information on registration or to obtain an absentee ballot, visit BroomeVotes.com.