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Could Legalizing Pro MMA Impact Binghamton?

By Faith Jessie.
The Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena could see a huge increase in traffic if New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) decides to sign a bill to legalize professional Mixed Martial Arts in the state.

The New York State Assembly passed a bill Tuesday by a 113-25 vote that would legalize the sport. The bill has passed through the New York State Senate seven times but was rejected by the State Assembly in previous years.

The passage of this bill could be good news for Binghamton's economy because the Arena could potentially host a Professional MMA match. This would attract tourist dollars.

"I would expect that a professional MMA event here at the Floyd L Maines Arena Veteran's Memorial Arena would sell out. the economic impact beyond the four walls of this arena would be huge," said Anthony Capozzi, GM, Floyd L Maines Arena Veteran's Memorial Arena.

Binghamton residents are both for and against the legalization of the sport some saying that it would be a great addition and some saying it would encourage violence with our young people.

"It's promoting violence to it's max. You dig what I'm saying? It's not like boxing where you have soft gloves, this is a little bit more harsh. Which is promoting violence to youth in the community so I don't think that is a great choice to legalize," said Terrell Anderson, Binghamton resident.

"It's something new and different and I think a lot of people would invest in doing it. I'm a mother of three and I would invest in watching it. It would be fun," said Qahhara Griffin. Binghamton resident.

The bill is now headed to Governor Cuomo's office. If he signs it into law there is a 120-day period for the rules and regulations to be established for the sanctioning body before professional fights can take place in the state.