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National Puppy Day at the BC Humane Society

By Jason Weinstein.
Wednesday is National Puppy Day. That, of course, give us an excuse to show you our cutest four-legged friends, including the one in the photo.

This is Jojo and he is up for adoption at the Broome County Humane Society. Jojo has been there for a day and, no surprise, already has a couple of applicants for adoption. National Puppy Day was created to increase awareness for adoption. At the Humane society there are plenty of adult dogs along with Jojo up for adoption.

"With a puppy or a kitten it takes a little more time than with an adult dog. Puppies are very playful, they like to kiss, they don't have a whole lot of manners so they need to have someone who has time to take them outside and house train them and play with them to keep them out of mischief and keep them in line," said Karen Matson, Executive Director of the Broome County Humane Society.

While it may be National Puppy Day Matson reminds you that adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment.