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Local Trio in Brussels Airport During Terror Attack

By Jason Weinstein.
Three men from Broome County on a mission trip to Africa found themselves in the middle of the chaos in Brussels when bombs went off in that city's airport.

Jim Brenon, from Endwell, Charlie Burger, from Binghamton, and Blake Shipp, from Vestal were on a five-hour layover in the airport. Brenon was close to where the bombs went off about an hour before the explosions. He was in another area when they went off and was quickly hit with the aftermath.

"This sea of people were just running in my direction and I had no idea what was going on at that point. And it was just hundreds of people who were just running in your direction so you know it's not just anyone late for their flight or anything like that. Then the officials right in the airport were pointing us to evacuate," said Brenon.

The trio was on a mission trip for the Union Center Christian Church. They plan to make their way back home Friday. However, their travel plans are day-to-day as authorities are still trying to ensure the airport is safe.