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New Binghamton Fire Chief Named

The City of Binghamton will have a new fire chief, starting next month.

On Tuesday, Mayor Rich David (R) announced Fire Marshal Daniel Eggleston will be appointed as fire chief. Eggleston will replace Chief Daniel Thomas, who is retiring on April 9th, after 40 years with the department.

Eggleston has 31 years of service with Binghamton Fire. He's been Fire Marshal since 2004, overseeing the City's fire prevention and investigation efforts.

Eggleston shared gratitude to his family after Mayor David's announcement.

"My dad was a firefighter for 32 years. My mom was a school teacher at Binghamton High School," said Eggleston, "I'm sure they're both looking down from Heaven today with big grins on their faces."

Eggleston also thanked his five children and wife, Cathleen, for their support.

The new fire chief says he is extremely proud of the station and has big shoes to fill with Chief Thomas leaving.

"We have excellent fire fighters and hopefully we're going to continue on with that tradition," said Eggleston.

Eggleston currently lives just outside City limits in the Town of Binghamton. He plans to move into the City.