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Candidates for Rep. Hanna's Seat in Washington Appear at Local Forum

Claudia Tenney, George Phillips, David Gordon and Aaron Price. these were the names of the candidates who appeared at a forum Monday night at Vestal Public Library. The idea of this event was to showcase those who are running for New York's 22nd Congressional District seat in the US House. Of course, that seat will be vacated by outgoing Congressman Richard Hanna.

Event organizers with a group known as Americans for Restoring the Constitution believed this outing helps educate voters who need to be educated on important issues in our state, nation and world!

"You try to talk to people, they couldn't tell you who the Vice President is, and until this country gets on their toes and starts researching what's going on, we're in serious trouble," says Ted Shatara, founder of Americans for Restoring the Constitution.

"We need to get Americans working again, we have a 62 percent workforce participation rate, it's at the lowest level since the 1970's. We need to transfer welfare into a work empowerment program," says candidate George Phillips.

For the record, Richard Hanna has represented the 22nd District since 2013. Prior to redistricting, he represented what was the 24th District.