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Schumer Visits Binghamton to Talk Disability Rights

Senator Charles Schumer tells us that he is pushing legislation in Washington known as The Disability Integration Act.

The Senator visited Binghamton's Southern Tier Independence Center to discuss this plan which provides individuals with disabilities the option to live at home or in the community and receive long-term services. He says that many are unable to stay in the settings of their choice while receiving this critical help.

The idea is being applauded at the Southern Tier Independence Center.

Maria Dibble, Executive Director of Southern Tier Independence Center says, "New York is pretty rich in services, but still even given that, the bill could benefit New York. It'll especially benefit the rest of the country too and we do a lot of national advocacy as well as statewide."

Schumer says The Disability Integration Act ensures that anyone with a disability who is eligible for institutional care can receive this care while living on independent terms.