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Millions to Repair Chenango County Railroad Tracks

By Jason Weinstein.
45 miles of railroad tracks in Chenango County will get new life and possibly breathe new life into the local economy.

The $5.8 million dollar project will repair tracks that have been in disarray since the flood of 2006. Once the repairs along the New York Susquehanna and Western are done by June of next year businesses will be able to ship and receive goods via rail.

"We have some folks in the northern part of the county in the Sherburne area who are eagerly looking forward to being able to ship by rail and also down to the south. Because of business competitive reasons I can't really say a lot of specifics about it but we've definitely had interest expressed by a number of businesses that can't wait for the ability to use rail," said Steve Craig, Executive Director of the Chenango County Industrial Development Agency.

Of the $5.8 million being used for the project, $4.7 million is from a federal grant, $772,000 is from the state, and $400,000 is from the Chenango County and New York Susquehanna and Western Rail.