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Decision Imminent On Condemnation of 341 Clinton St.

A hearing was held Monday morning at Binghamton City Hall to decide whether a Clinton Street building is safe for habitation.

Alicia Thierens, who owns the property, met with code enforcement officials who say the building has numerous violations -- and should be declared inhabitable until those issues are resolved.

The meeting comes just days after Mayor Rich David (R) moved to condemn the building, due to health and safety violations, and criminal activity. The building, which was once a bar, has allegedly been illegally operating during the early morning hours on weekends.

David says ultimately, the future of the building is up to the property owner to decide.

"The next steps now, are really in the property owner's hands, if the property owner chooses to rectify the situation," David said. "The property was condemned because no electric, no heat, no water and faulty equipment.
If the property owner chose to fix all of those things, they would have the right to do so."

A decision on whether or not to officially condemn the building is expected as early as Tuesday.