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Harris' Attorneys Fight to Enter New Evidence

By Kerry Longobucco.
Cal Harris' fourth murder trial is right around the corner -- and his attorneys say they've found new evidence that proves his innocence.

Harris' defense team says a partial bra strap and fragments of fabric were discovered in a burn pit at a Tioga County home. His attorneys say the charred fabric found is consistent with the clothing his wife, Michele Harris, was wearing the night she went missing.

According to court documents made public today, these items were discovered during a January excavation of a burn pit on a property once owned by Stacy Stewart. Harris' attorneys say Stewart, of Texas, was romantically involved with Michele prior to her disappearance.

Harris' team hired a forensic archaeologist to carry out the excavation. Lead defense attorney, Bruce Barket, says the uncovered items include a partial bra strap, a woman’s swim suit or halter top, and two charred pieces of fabric. Harris' team says the fabric matches Michele's blue and tan waitress uniform.

They are now asking Judge Richard Mott to allow them to use a third party culpability defense, which they say would prove the guilt of Stewart and his friend Christopher Thomason -- and lead to an acquittal for Harris.

Harris' defense team attempted to point the finger of blame at these two men during his third trial -- but Schoharie County Judge George Bartlett did not allow them to use a third party defense.

Judge Mott will consider this new evidence before ruling on the matter. Harris' fourth trial is set to begin March 28th.