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JCC Binghamton Hold Purim Carnival

By Brianna Case.
JCC Binghamton was filled with bright colors, fun games, and lots of food today during their annual Purim Carnival.

Staff, students and families came together for some carnival fun in celebration of Purim.

The festival of Purim commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people from the evil Haman.

The school's youth director was happy to have the children dress as their favorite characters from the festival of Purim.

"It's really just a celebration when Queen Esther helped save all the Jews, so kids dressed up. They can either dress up as Queen Esther and the King or Evil Haman or any character they like," said Lynette Errante, Youth Director for JCC.

Children also dressed as their favorite super heroes and princesses. The teachers even got in the action by dressing as movie characters.