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Local Music Groups Come Out To Support "Binghamton For Bernie"

By Austin Tanner.
Binghamton bands we're feeling the Bern at Cyber Cafe West in Binghamton Sunday night.

The campaign group "Binghamton For Bernie" held a fundraiser to raise awareness and spread the message of Bernie Sanders, with some help from six local bands.

They held the event tonight to raise money for Sanders' National Campaign, and for their own local efforts.

"The Bernie Sanders campaign is about having every American giving their voice." said Jon Mermelstein, a volunteer with "Binghamton For Bernie"."He doesn't take any big corporate money, he's here to represent the will of the working, poor American's who have been under represented for so many years. So we're here, basically, to show our solidarity to say, "Bernie, there are tens of millions of us who are with you, and who stand demanding the democracy should be returned to the people."

The event raised over $1,000 for the campaign.

The group plans on holding more events like this one leading up to the New York primary on Tuesday, April 19th.