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TEDxBU Encourages A Different Type of Learning

By Brianna Case, Faith Jessie.
What do a pizza shop owner, a scientist, and a group of scholars have in common? No this isn't the beginning of a very bad joke. They all shared the stage and their stories at Binghamton University's TEDx conference.

Hundreds of students came out to the Anderson Center for the event that featured a variety of speakers ranging from a NASA scientist, to a hip-hop and racial activism expert.

Director of TEDxBU, Kaitlyn Brouillet says this event gives students a chance to experience a different type of learning.

"I think that bringing everyone to one place to talk about so many different things really opens up the community, and students, and faculty all of these ideas that they normally wouldn't be introduced to in a classroom," said Kaitlyn Brouillet, Director of TEDx Binghamton University.

Speakers at the conference included, Mason Wartman, a Philadelphia pizza shop owner who donates food to the homeless, Ellen Stofan, Chief Scientist of NASA, and Bakari Kitwanna, a hip-hop and racial activism expert.