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9th Annual Binghamton Biomedical Research Conference Fosters Innovation

By Faith Jessie.
Biomedical researchers and innovators came out to Binghamton University Saturday to exchange ideas at the 9th annual Binghamton Biomedical Research Conference.

Researchers from all over the Southern Tier came out to BU's Innovative Technology Building to showcase their findings, collaborate with other researchers and foster interactive research.

The event sponsored by UHS, BU, Lourdes Hospital and SUNY Upstate Medical University attracted all levels of skill ranging from undergraduate BU students to professional physicians.

"In healthcare, there are three things that you have to have, to have a successful healthcare system. You need research to make things better and to find new information, you need teaching, so that you can teach the people to do better, and then you have patient care which is based on the research and the teaching ," said Leslie Bank, Chairman of Upstate Medical Center, Binghamton Clinical Campus Research Committee.

Participants research included topics focused on clinical evaluations, case reports, and new technology helpful for patient care.