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BU's Rainbow Pride Union Hosts Annual Drag Show

By Emily Girsch.
Makeup, hairspray, and outrageous costumes.

The 14th annual drag show put on by the Rainbow Pride Union at BU was put on Friday night.

"I get to be a completely different person for an entire night and then I go home, get undressed and go to work in the morning and nobody knows what I was doing," said professional drag queen, India Bombay.

Professional drag queens joined student performers in a show to celebrate uniqueness and being comfortable in your own skin.

"I see a lot of really young people who struggle to be somewhere where they feel comfortable, even comfortable in themselves and I'm hoping that just by us getting together and doing this, they realize that there are people out there that they can connect with," said professional drag queen Justin Sane.

"There are things out there that they can go do an see and just be themselves, they can feel free to express themselves. A lot of performers do this to find who they are."

The theme of the show was horror. Performers said they spent hours getting ready, but to be a show stopper, you have to look your best.

Half of the proceeds from the program went to benefit the LGBTQ youth program in Binghamton, Identity.