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Harpursville School Bus Hit by Bullet

By FOX 40 Staff.
A Harpursville Central School District school bus was hit by a bullet Wednesday evening while taking students home.

District officials say around 5:30 p.m., a late run bus was on Colesville Road bringing approximately 30 students home when the body of the bus was hit with a bullet.

According to officials, no one was injured.

The district says New York State Police are investigating the occurrence, and do not believe it was intentional.

Superintendent Michael Rullo said investigators believe the incident was the result of someone target shooting, and a bullet ricocheted in a direction that hit the bus.

"There were no injuries, as a result of this, and we're very thankful for that because obviously the implications for what could have happened are very significant," said Rullo.

Rullo added that Derek Brown, the bus driver, did a great job of getting the students home safely and in a calm manner.

In a statement from the school district, they, "Don’t believe that this was an intentional act. However, until the situation is brought to resolution, we remain highly concerned and will continue to be vigilant in our effort to ensure student safety.”

Officials have asked anyone with questions, or information, on the incident to contact the school district at 607-693-8101 or 607-693-8133, or state police at 607-561-7400.