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Binghamton University Alum Speaks On Genocide Prevention

By Fox 40 News Staff.
Genocide has plagued societies around the world for centuries. One Binghamton University alum is working to eradicate the tragic practice.

Owen Pell spoke at a luncheon in Binghamton today about taking action to prevent mass atrocity crimes. Pell says that the Auschwitz Institute of Peace is training government officials how to recognize the processes that lead to genocide, then mitigate or intervene in the situation.

"Most people associate prevention with stop the killing once it starts.
We have to make prevention about breaking down the processes that result in the killing before they start," said Owen Pell, Partner, White & Case Law Firm.

Pell also says bu is developing programming around genocide prevention.
to learn more about the Auschwitz Institute of Peace you can visit auschwitzinstitute.org.