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March Proclaimed Red Cross Month

March is now officially "Red Cross Month" in the Southern Tier.

The proclamation was made by officials at Binghamton's City Hall Wednesday morning. It was followed by the raising of a Red Cross flag.

Officials say it's all about recognizing those who provide services to help the community through times of crisis.

"We have folks right here in this community who are donating blood every single day, that can be lifesaving to somebody who needs it. Or folks learning skills from us, like CPR, who might have to turn around and use it on somebody one day," said Colleen McCabe, Executive Director of the Southern Tier American Red Cross, "And there are folks in every corner of this community doing things like that all the time."

Last year, the Southern Tier Chapter responded to 90 local fires, trained more than 17,000 people in lifesaving skills, and had more than 18,000 units of blood donations.