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City of Binghamton Moves to Condemn Clinton St. Site

By FOX 40 Staff.
The City of Binghamton wants to condemn a site of repeated criminal activity.

On Wednesday, Mayor Rich David announced the City has moved to condemn 341 Clinton St.

According to David, the property was connected to two shootings in the last four months, and is a source of repeated neighborhood complaints. While he wasn't sure if anyone currently lives in the property, David said its first floor has been a gathering spot for people late at night.

He said the property faces health and safety violations.

Therefore, the City is pursuing condemnation through its Housing, Property Maintenance and Rehabilitation Code. The property has been cited as "unfit for human habitation" due to unsafe equipment and lack of heat, hot water or natural gas service.

“Under my watch, the City will use all means necessary to abate problem properties and restore integrity to our neighborhoods,” said David.

David said this condemnation move is the first action of the City's new Environmental Policing Task Force. The force is made up of officials from the Binghamton Police Department, Fire Marshal's Office, Code Enforcement, Zoning Enforcement and the Mayor's Office. It was announced at this year's State of the City Address. Its goal is to combat conditions that make an area unsafe.

A Condemnation Notice was sent to the property's current owner, Alicia Thierens, of Endicott. A hearing is scheduled for March 21.

David said if the property is condemned, it will be a prime candidate for demolition.