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Tioga County State of the County Highlights Successes and Concerns

Tuesday night, the Tioga County State of the County address was delivered by Martha Sauerbrey the county's legislative chair.

Sauerbrey celebrated the 2015 Tioga Downs approval of license application as well as the arrival of a new manufacturing company, Crown Cork and Seal.

However, she stated that we are never sure what is going to happen to the financial markets, job scene or if there will be another costly disaster.

Sauerbrey said she has other concerns, "To stay under the tax gap, we certainly want to keep our taxes low there's no doubt about it, our ten year history has proven that because our taxes have been averaged out at two percent, but with the state medicaid and things that have been placed on us we have no choice we have to fund those programs so its very difficult to stay under that tax gap."

Sauerbrey also boasted that last year, the unemployment rate was dropped by one point one percent from the previous year in the county.