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Bearcats success continues with pair of NCAA qualifiers

In the last four years, since taking over the BU wrestling program, Head Coach Matt Dernlan has coached ten grapplers to the NCAA Tournament. This year Jack McKeever (174 lbs) and Steve Schneider (184 lbs) will make the trip to Madison Square Garden to compete for a National Championship.

For Schneider it's his first NCAA qualification whereas McKeever qualified alongside Tyler Deuel last year.

"It's really exciting. Especially at Madison Square Garden. I've never been there before. It's a great way to end my wrestling career. The greatest sports venue in the world, so, I'm really excited for it," McKeever said.

"It's validating. Any time you take over a program and implement your vision and your philosophy you hope it's going to attach itself very quickly and start producing results. We're really excited we have two guys going to the tournament this week, but that's not our goal," Dernlan said. "Our goal is to get ten. That's something that we continue to shoot for but it's exciting to see guys we recruited start to have success. We're excited to get down there and see what we can do this weekend."

McKeever will face 16th ranked Micah Barnes of Nebraska on Thursday. Schneider draws Navy's Matthew Miller.