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BU Basketball Tournament Honors Teen Killed By Terrorists

By Brianna Case.
Students at Binghamton University held a basketball tournament in memory of a Jewish-American teen that was killed in a terrorist attack.

Participants came out to BU's West Gym in teams of three for the tournament that took place on Sunday.

Students from BU's Jewish community held the tournament in honor of Ezra Schwartz, 18. Schwartz, a Massachusetts native was killed in a terrorist attack this past November while spending a gap year in Israel.

One student who knew Schwartz personally was moved by the tournament's outcome.

"I mean, me personally, it's hard because not many people are from my community here, obviously, so seeing the community come together and really come together for this common goal of raising money and in honor of Ezra and what he stood for is amazing," said Tara Hanu, Hillel OU-JLIC.

The memorial raised over $5,000 that will benefit families in Israel that have been victimized by affected by attacks