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Former Broome County Exec. Jeff Kraham Laid to Rest

By Faith Jessie.
Former Broome County Executive Jeffrey Kraham was laid to rest Saturday.

City leaders, community members, family and friends gathered at St. Patrick's Church in Binghamton for the service.

Kraham passed away last week after a two year battle with cancer.

"I think that it speaks to not only the things my dad did and his company, but also his personal life. The friends he made over his lifetime and the impact he had on the community, it's overwhelming. The stories and memories, we wanted to
share them as much as possible and that's exactly what we did today," said Jared Kraham, Binghamton Deputy Mayor and Jeffrey Kraham's son.

Kraham served as a Broome County Executive from 1997 to 2004.

Among his accomplishments in Binghamton, Kraham worked with Mayor Rich Bucci to land the $25 million Binghamton University Downtown center project.

He also helped to modernize Broome County's airport, courthouse and criminal justice building.