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Binghamton Zoo Opens Early For a Special Preview

By Faith Jessie.
Lynn Yarmy is a Senior Zoo Keeper at the Binghamton Zoo. She's been working all winter long behind the scenes preparing for the season's open

"We're here just as many hours that we are during the summer, " said Yarmy.

Yarmy along with other staff members work everyday, shoveling, cleaning, and preparing food to maintain the zoo.

"Most people see us out and about cleaning and watering but they don't see the hours of work that goes into each intricate diet that we have to get ready" said Yarmy.

Hours of work, they say is a lot easier this year because of the warm winter.

"Not having to put up with the snow, not having to put as much salt down and plow everyday has had a huge impact on the zoo and the upkeep of the grounds,"

An impact that is also good news for local zoo lovers.

"We're very fortunate to not have snow which makes the park a lot safer for the community to come in and kind of preview what we have done over the winter," said Rachel Davenport, Binghamton Zoo Public Relations Coordinator.

That preview starts Saturday March 12th and will take place every weekend of the month leading up to the zoo's grand opening on April 22nd.

"We have a lot of exciting things going on, some of our animals have moved throughout the zoo to different areas and we have a few new ones coming in," said Yarmy.

"Our maintenance crew and our zoo keeping staff have been able to get into these exhibits to change everything to re prop the area to make it more natural for the species that are going into it," said Davenport

Admission to the zoo will be half price for the month of March. The zoo will also hold Eggstravaganza March 26th and 27th. For more information you can visit rossparkzoo.com