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Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce Unveils Legislative Agenda

By Faith Jessie.
The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce unveiled the 2016 Legislative Agenda with state leaders at the Binghamton Club Friday morning.

State leaders listened to the concerns and issues facing small businesses and discussed possible solutions to these challenges. Hot topics included minimum wage, paid family leave, mandate reform, and plans for economic development.

Although some community members argued that raising the minimum wage to $15 could decrease the amount of government dependence, others explained this may not be sustainable for small businesses.

The panel of leaders discussed opportunities for community growth such as retaining and adding jobs to existing companies, affordable down-sized housing for older residents, and the development of urban core areas.

"If you're paying someone nine or ten dollars now and its raised to $15 what about that person that is at $14 or $15 you have to raise them also. These are issues that the small business person doesn't get a chance to explain to elected officials unless we put on programs like this one," said Lou Santoni, President and CEO, Binghamton Chamber of Commerce.

State leaders say programs like these are critical in helping them craft their agendas, and address pressing community issues.