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Lupardo Pushes For New Water Testing Law

By Kerry Longobucco.
Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D) is calling for change, after lead was recently found in water sources of school districts in the southern tier.

Currently, no law requires schools that rely on water from a municipal source to test their own water sources. Lupardo says people are often shocked by the absence of such a law.

"The municipality has to test but its going through old plumbing," Lupardo said. "If the school is built before 1986, they have lead pipes and other sodder that could potentially contaminate the water."

Lupardo is in the process of drafting a bill that would make districts responsible for testing their own water -- and put system in place that would make that information publicly available.

Lupardo is looking for a senator to sponsor the bill -- and says she's optimistic it will pass.