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You May Be Able to File Your Taxes for Free

By Jason Weinstein.
If your household income is under $62,000 you can electronically prepare and file your taxes for free.

You can go to the State Department of Taxation website - that's www.tax.ny.gov. Or, you can go to one of two locations in the greater Binghamton area: the State Office Building in downtown Binghamton or Your Home Public Library on Main Street in Johnson City.

No matter how you file you need to be aware of tax scams, such as people posing over the phone as IRS agents.

"Know the source that you're dealing with. Know that neither the IRS nor New York state will call you up on the phone and ask for any financial information or any identifying information from you," said New York State Department of Taxation Commissioner Jerry Boone.

Boone says that if you are going to hire a preparer you should make sure they are registered with the IRS and New York Tax Department. You should also know how much it will cost for them to prepare your taxes, and that amount should be a flat fee.