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Senator Akshar Joins Village of Bainbridge for Heroin Awareness Night

By Fox 40 Staff.
Senator Fred Akshar joined hundreds at a heroin awareness night in Bainbridge Wednesday night.

The event was co-sponsored by the "Yes! Leads group at Afton and Bainbridge-Guilford High Schools.

The Yes! Leads program is a student mentorship program that focuses on drug education techniques and peer leadership skills.

"I just decided to join Yes! Leads because I wanted to teach kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and I really wanted to learn how to be a positive role model," said senior at Afton High School, Robin Vernon.

Vernon said the Village of Bainbridge is not immune to the problem of heroin.

It's an issue in the community that has affected some of her friends and family members.

"People in my family have been affected by it and I just want people to know what the dangers are and that's why I'm happy that this program tonight is happening."

Other speakers at the event included police officers, recovering addicts and members of the Southern Tier Aids program.