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Former Legislator Officially Announces Run for County Executive

Saying Broome County is in the throes of a jobs crisis, heroin crisis, and infrastructure crisis, democrat Jason Garnar officially kicked off his campaign for County Executive.

Following the release of a campaign video Monday, former County legislator Jason Garnar officially announced his running for Broome County Executive Tuesday morning. The announcement was held at his home in the Village of Port Dickinson, surrounded by his family.

Garnar said there isn't necessarily a government solution to all problems, and that the County needs to work with local churches, schools, and other groups to look for solutions to issues.

Garnar says he will work to meet each resident in Broome County.

He plans to release specific policy initiatives, such as one to address the heroin epidemic, over the coming months.

"We have a heroin crisis here, that’s killing 40 or 50 people every year in Broome County. If a flood came into Broome County, and killed 40 or 50 people, you would see movement by our County leaders like you’ve never seen before. That’s not happening," said Garnar.

Garnar resigned from his seat in the Broome County legislature at the end of September 2015, after moving to a home outside his district.

He still serves on the board of directors of the Broome County Land Bank.

Current County Executive Debbie Preston has not yet announced re-election plans. Preston, who has battled lung cancer, added that she is cancer free. She said she is currently focused on the County's tasks at hand, and will announce a decision for the future in the next couple of months.