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NYS Funding for Homeless Housing

By Alex Howard (twitter:@alexhoward99).
Fairview recovery services in Binghamton is receiving over $200,000 in a Federal grant money. The award is part of $166 million from the Department of Housing and Urban development to 500 housing and service programs in New York State.

'I think having a roof over one's head is a basic need, and when someone is trying to get better from addiction, and recover, it's very important to get those basic needs met, so they can get a career in place and get a good job, go back to school, and that's always our goal here at Fairview." -said Michelle Napolitano from Fairview Services.

Fairview plans to use the grant money to help build a previously announced 18-bed facility for mothers and other women. The new building will house clinical treatment and a recreational space.