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City of Binghamton To Demolish 13 Residential Properties

By Faith Jessie.
Thirteen vacant residential properties in Binghamton will be demolished in 2016.

Mayor Rich David (R) outlined his plan on Mygatt St. Wednesday afternoon. Four properties on the street will be destroyed this year according to city's 2016 demolition plan.

David says demolition of clusters of abandoned buildings is critical in making neighborhoods safer.

One resident on Mygatt St. looks forward to the demolition in hopes that it will attract a different group of people to the area.

"This year there was all types of problems, cops showing up, music too loud, fight and all that type of thing. Hopefully they will tear these down and put in housing that will attract a better clientele," said Mygatt St. resident, Jeff Sager.

"Those blight are eyesores and often times are magnet for criminal activity, when you root out multiple blight and dilapidated properties on one street it has a massive impact," said David

David said the demolition will begin in May and will cost the city about $300,000.

In addition to the 13 residential properties, the Former Department of Public Works building on the Brandywine highway will also be torn down.

The city is looking for investors to develop the properties after demolition. The city isn't releasing information on which investors might be interested.

The following are a list of properties that will be demolished in Binghamton.

- 147.5 Bevier St.
- 32 Delmar St.
- 15 Mygatt St.
- 17 Mygatt St.
- 20 Mygatt St.
- 20.5 Mygatt St.
- 110 Park Ave.
- 26 Stuyvesant St.
- 23.5 Tudor St.
- 5 Valley St.
- 7 Valley St.
- 9 Valley St.
- 29 Virgil St.