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State AG Issues Tax Scam Warning

By Jason Weinstein.
New York's Attorney General urges you to be alert against fake government collection phone scams...

These often target seniors, students, and first-generation Americans. The caller will claim to be an IRS agent calling about a past due balance. The scammer may also request payment with a Green Dot Money Card, PayPal Prepaid Mastercard, or Western Union MoneyGram.

Here are some tips from the Attorney General's office:

Consumers should not respond to these calls or letters. Legitimate government organizations will never threaten arrest or deportation for failure to pay a debt, and will never insist that consumers pay a debt only via a pre-paid credit card;

Do not give out personal information, including your Social Security number or bank account information to telephone callers;

If you owe money, you should receive a notice in writing that identifies the debt collection agency, the amount of the debt, and the name of the original creditor. The notice should also provide you with an opportunity to dispute the debt;

A legitimate caller will never request that a conversation remain a secret, and you should immediately be suspicious. Whether the caller claims to be from the government, a bank, or a family member, requests for confidentiality should raise a red flag

You do not have to be polite when you receive unsolicited phone calls. The safest thing to do is to say “no” and hang up.

Please contact your local county clerk if you are concerned that you have missed a jury duty summons.

You can also www.ag.ny.gov or calling 1-800-771-7755.