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Operation SAFE Finds Treatment for 34 Addicts in First Month

By Jason Weinstein.
34 Broome County addicts have been paired with long-term drug treatment facilities, in the first month of Operation SAFE, which stands for Save Addicts From Epidemic.

This according to Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell. Those addicts have gone to treatment centers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Florida. Addicts seeking help can call operation SAFE and be assigned a volunteer who will work to find treatment. Cornwell is using drug forfeiture and traffic diversion funding to help cover costs for uninsured patients.

This program is based on an Angel program started by the Gloucester Police Department. Broome County Sheriff David Harder said Tuesday his department is making progress toward beginning a similar program.

"This is necessary for two reasons. The humanitarian reason, we want to help people suffering from addiction get them treatment, its a public health crisis. From a crime prevention standpoint, we need to reduce crime. This program accomplishes both of them because if people are in treatment off of the streets, they are not dying from overdoses and they aren't committing crimes," said Broome County District Attorney, Steven Cornwell.

The County Executive's office criticized Cornwell when he began Operation SAFE last month for not informing it of his plans so that they could have worked together. Cornwell said treatment couldn't wait.

Addicts looking for help can call Operation SAFE at (607) 778-6119.