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Will El Nino Warmth Equal More Severe Weather?

By Jason Weinstein.
The silver lining that has been our unseasonably warm weather may come with a black cloud. In fact, quite a few of them.

The El Nino weather system in the Pacific has been the source of our mild winter. But strong El Nino years, such as this one, also have another characteristic - an early severe weather season. The last strong El Nino year was 1998, which featured a tornado in Binghamton in May.

"We had the tornado that went on the hill south of Binghamton. If you go back to the previous strong El Nino that we had, that was 1983. On May 2, 1983 there were at least 11 tornadoes in upstate New York," said Dave Nicosia, Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Binghamton.

Our area has already seen severe weather. A tornado touched town in Wyalusing, PA in Bradford County on February 24th.