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Senator Schumer Calls For An End To Robocalls

By Faith Jessie.
Telemarketing calls have been around for decades but U.S Senator Charles Schumer (D) says the 'Game of Phones' has gone on far too long.

Schumer says in addition to the annoyance of the automated phone calls, these calls can be costly and harmful because of scammers.

Sunday, Schumer urged major landline and mobile carriers to provide robocall-blocking technology to consumers. He also wants the Federal Trade Commission to enforce this.

"The 'Game of Phones' with robocalls has gone on far too long,” said Schumer. “Whether its mortgage companies, credit card firms or, even worse, scammers, telephone companies should provide their customers with access to robocall-blocking technology that will eliminate future nuisance. We have the technology to block these robocalls and it's time for telephone and mobile phone to companies make it available to all consumers.”‎

According to Schumer's office, despite federal 'Do Not Call' rules, the FTC reported 3.57 million complainants about telemarketers violating these rules.

Time Warner Cable announced that it would provide free access to Nomorobo, a robocall-blocking service to customers that have internet-based service.

Schumer is urging that other carriers follow suit.

He has also supported a bill that would punish telemarketing companies that willfully use robocalls at $20,000 per violation with up to ten years in prison.