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Community Holds Benefit For House Fire Victim

By Brianna Case.
Community members came together at the Endwell Fire Station Sunday afternoon to support a women named Karen Sabo,who is facing life threatening diseases.

Sabo's home caught fire this past February, leaving her in a financial bind. In the span of two months, Sabo has undergone three major surgeries. She has another surgery coming up this month tying her money up even more.

Sabo's friends and family held the benefit today with a selection of food and raffles in hopes to relive some of her expenses.

"She is a warm and generous person who is always doing for somebody else and never letting any of us do anything for her. And, I said you know, we gotta help out and that's why we are here ,"said Cher Snethen, Co-host of benefit.

Sabo's condition is preventing her from working right now, but she hopes to get back to work as soon as her doctor releases her.