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Teenager Saves Dying Co-Workers Life

By Brianna Case.
It was a slow Sunday at the New York Pizzeria for Jessica Fitzgerald.

"We weren't too busy, and then he came back from his delivery," said Jessica Fitzgerald, Chenango Valley BOCES Health Science Program Student.

Moments later things turned for the worse.

"He put his head down on the counter and collapsed backwards," said Fitzgerald.

That's when Fitzgerald knew something wasn't right.

"He hit his head really hard and it was on the hard ground and there was already a big bulge on his head and his heart already stopped. There was a guy that was taking his pulse and he didn't have a pulse at the time," said Fitzgerald.

In that moment, her co-worker's life was in her hands. Fitzgerald decided she was going to fight for him.

She pushed the panic button to call for help and immediately began performing CPR that she learned in school.

"Doing CPR he started waking up, but he wasn't responsive," said Fitzgerald.

"I got the call and it was the most horrible call I have ever received," said Corey Bond, son of Fitzgerald's co-worker.

Firtzgerald's co-worker's family found out about what happened... but, were relieved to know that she acted so quickly. In fact, she saved their loved ones life.

"To know that Jessica was on the other end and was taking care of him while we were rushing to the hospital, to find that he had been saved by her was amazing," said Bond.

According to the American Heart Association, survival depends on immediate CPR and proper CPR, so if it wasn't for Jessica taking action the way she did, Corey's father probably wouldn't be alive today.

"She saved his life, he had died and she saved his life by doing so, until the EMS got there. It was a good thing that she was trained in what she did, she saved my father's life," said Bond.

"I wanted to put my training into work and wanted to make sure he has the best chance to live," said Fitzgerald.

Bond's father is currently in the hospital. he says that his father had a massive heart attack, but is slowly recovering. As crazy as this has been for everyone, little did they know there was a special connection between Fitzgerald and bond's family.

"I've known her parents for about 20 years, and it was their daughter and it's funny how like...Sorry, it gets me emotional," said Holly Finch, Daughter-In-Law of Fitzgerald's co-worker.

Finch believes she was their for a reason.

"She's definitely his angel, that's for sure," said Finch.

An angel that saved their father's life.