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Johnson City Woman Arrested After Falling Asleep In Gas Station

By Faith Jessie.
One Johnson City Woman got a one way ticket to the Broome County Jail after falling asleep in a gas station on her birthday.

According to Broome County Sheriffs, Paula Winkel, 45 was arrested Sunday afternoon after police discovered she had four outstanding warrants in the state of Indiana.

Police say a store employee of the Citgo gas station on Rt. 26 in the Town of Maine called police when Winkel fell asleep inside the store. When police came to check on her condition, Winkel woke up and provided a false name to the officer.

During an investigation, police discovered that Winkel was trying to cover up the fact that she had four arrest warrants in the state of Indiana.

Winkel was taken into custody as a fugitive from justice and is now in the Broome County Jail without bail. Today is Winkel's 45th birthday.