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49th Annual Parade Day Creates Memories

By Brianna Case.
Music, food, drinks, floats and thousands of people flooded the streets of down town Binghamton today for the 49th Annual Parade Day.

It was also a day for people to make memories and add traditions. Parade Day is the biggest and oldest parade in Binghamton.

"It's like an asset to the community and we come together as one. I don't know, I really like it," said Angelica Oliveri, Binghamton University Student.

Companies from all over the Southern Tier join in on the fun either watching or participating in the parade.

"It's a good thing that Binghamton does a parade like this. Everybody meets up, the community meets up on Main Street. This is fun," said Juan Martinez, Binghamton Resident.

And many can agree that parade day is perfect to bring the community together.

"Everyone I know is always here, so I can just meet everyone again. And, I can meet new people. It's a really good time," said Alex Cox, Binghamton University Student.

"Just seeing everyone out here, everyone at the parade, we are all connected as a community for the biggest time of the year. It's a really great experience," said Adam, Binghamton University Student.

Today was a perfect day to get everyone together, have some fun and make memories on parade day.