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House of Reardon Preps Over 1 Ton of Food For Parade Day

By Faith Jessie.
Carrots and potatoes; these are two ingredients in the House of Reardon's famous ham and cabbage dinner. It's an Irish specialty hundreds of hungry people come out for each parade day.

"Parade day has become the biggest day of the year for us, when you get to parade day, the winter is behind you, everybody's spirits are lifted," said House of Reardon Owner, Bob Norris

Eileen O'Shea has been busy peeling carrots since 11 am Friday, but O'Shea doesn't even work at the bar. She's volunteering to help out the local business.

"The Norris's are really good friends, we're all east siders, we grew up together so it's good to help friends," said O'Shea.

Friends who have become family, over the past two decades Eileen has been coming to the bar. She's taken off work to help peel vegetables for the last four.

With over 1000 pounds of food to prep for the big day, Norris says it's community help like this that keeps the orders filled.

"Fifteen years we've been doing this," said Lynette Norris.

Norri's wife Lynette and her friend Elaine are potato peeling veterans. Their helping hands prepped over 600 dinners last year.

"It's just gotten bigger as time has gone on," said Lynette. "Many hands make for light work that this crew doesn't seem to mind."

Eileen says she has a great time and is looking forward to Parade Day.

"Everybody comes out, they don't have to be Irish everybody comes out, a lot of beer a lot of fun the foods great," said Eileen.

This Irish fare is ready to be served Saturday, thanks to helping hands like Eileen's.