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The Impact of Trauma & Stress on Kids

By Jason Weinstein.
Trauma and stress. These can be devastating to anyone, but especially children. Trauma and stress have biological, behavioral, and psychosocial impact on kids.

Parents and social workers met today at the Southern Tier Independence Center in Binghamton to hear from Dr. Lisa Blitz from Binghamton University. She says trauma such poverty can lead to the stress of constantly having to respond to adversity. This stress can lead to issue with brain development in children.

"Early brain development that is supposed to be around helping children to stabilize emotionally to be able to differentiate emotions so they can tell the difference between excitement and anger doesn't happen optimally," said Dr. Blitz

Blitz told her audience that children who grow up around that constant stress need explicit instructions, clear boundaries, and support to be included in the community. She says positive, pro-social behavior needs to be reinforced.