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Heroin Awareness Night Educates the Community of Endicott

By Emily Girsch.
Law enforcement, elected officials, and recovering addicts showed up at the Endicott Visitor Center Thursday night to teach the community about the dangers of heroin.

The event tonight was called "A New Life" and the focus was on life apart from drug abuse.

"There's always a better way," said Sgt. Charles Hoffman, with the Endicott Police Department.

"Drugs is a dead-end street. There's no good story about it."

Hoffman works with the neighborhood watch program in Endicott.

He says teamwork is key in keeping communities safe.

"Just everyone working together, in conjunction, being active in your community, being active with law enforcement, helping each other out," he said.

District Attorney Steve Cornwell, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and County Executive Debbie Preston were also among guests supporting the cause to stop heroin use.

Seven different pizza restaurants in the area donated pies for the event, and Jaret's stuffed cupcakes donated cupcakes.

"It's very eye-opening to go to one of these events," said Eileen Konecny, trustee for the Village of Endicott and organizer for the event.

"It's rather somber, very serious information so we're starting off with feeding people and then giving them information and then we'll have a question and answer this evening."

Nights like these are just another way the community can work together in putting a stop to this problem.