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BU wrestlers leaving nothing on the table in EIWAs

"What if" is a question that can haunt athletes for years after any loss, especially one in the postseason. It's for that reason that the BU wrestling team is heading into the EIWA Tournament looking to give everything they have and not leave anything on the table.

"What we have to focus on, every time we step out there it's a new opportunity and it's an opportunity to put our seven best minutes out there," said Head Coach Matt Dernlan. "So if we can walk away, that's what we challenge the guys about every time like, you have to be able to look at yourself in the mirror. You don't want to walk away saying what if, I could have, I should have. If you're prepared like we prepared you just go out and give your best seven minutes and be able to hold your head high and know that we achieved some good things."

The EIWA Tournament will run all weekend long at Princeton University.