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Special Treats for Special Neighbors

Residents of the Elizabeth Church Manor Nursing Home in the Town of Dickinson are making sure their four-legged neighbors get a special treat.

"When we go out in our courtyard, we can hear the dogs barking," said Dina Husnay, activities director at the Elizabeth Church Manor Nursing Home, "The project started after a conversation with some of the residents about pets that they had in the past."

Residents began making homemade dog biscuits in February. This is the first year they will donate those treats to the shelter.

"We started doing it, thinking it would be a good program for in here, and it turned out we can reach out," said Husnay.

Husnay said the group plans to make more than 500 treats.

The B.C. Dog Shelter staff says the dogs look forward to donations from the community.

Its canines are either lost and waiting for their owners to pick them up or waiting for a new home when owners can no longer care for them. Staff members say things like homemade treats help that transition.

"It gives them a little more of a taste of home life," said Debra Bryan, shelter staff at the Broome County Dog Shelter, "And, you know, they just really appreciate that they get a special treat throughout the day."

Bryan says the shelter is grateful for the nursing homes support.

"Any time that we can have anybody in the community that reaches out towards the care and loving of the dogs that we're entrusted with," said Bryan, "It's a blessing all the way around."

The nursing home plans to visit the shelter with the treats, and blankets they have collected, later in March.

For information on how you can make donations to the Broome County Dog Shelter, visit www.gobroomecounty.com/shelter.