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Seminar Teaches Excavators How to Dig Safely

By Fox 40 Staff.
Underground gas, electric, water and communications lines are damaged by digging activity once every six minutes across the nation.

On Thursday at the DoubleTree in Binghamton, an event was held to highlight the importance of protecting underground utilities from excavation damage.

Speakers said the first step in safe digging is to make a free call to "Dig Safely New York" at least two full, working days before digging.

This also applies to homeowners who dig on their own property.

"Hitting an underground line can lead to anything, from fines, to um, outages -- inconvenient outages for communities, to just individual residents," said Aimee Milks, Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Dig Safely New York.

"It can also lead to severe injury and death," she said.

She said a phone call to the free service at 8-1-1 can reduce the likelihood of of these incidents.